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  Drum at the Lesner Bridge


FlukeMaster with a nice Black Drum Labor Day Weekend in Virginia Beach is always an adventure. We have just purchased our new boat, a 24' Performer, and were ready to do some hard-core fishing around the Bay. Mother Nature did not want to cooperate with us though and brought the wind and rain to our parade. We headed out into the Bay despite the nasty weather and even caught a few Flounder. It didn't take us long to realize that we were getting the crap beat out of us and maybe we would be better off fishing in the Inlet.It all turned out for the best, the fishing was hot at the Lesner Bridge! We threw the anchor on the eastern side of the channel and threw in our lines.

Our buddy Greg with a beautiful Puppy Drum We were using fresh shrimp, Peeler Crabs, and Cut Mullet for Bait. The fresh shrimp seemed to be the best and we proceeded to catch about half a dozen Puppy Drum. The FlukeTamer even caught a small Tautog on shrimp. It was time to take our buddy Greg home so we headed in. While we were in the Inlet our good friend, Chris Ludford hooked us up with some really nice looking Peelers Crabs, Finger Mullet, and Sea Clams so we decided to head back to the Bridge. The conditions were just getting perfect for Drum fishing with the water approaching high slack. The fishing was unbelievable. We caught over 20 Puppy Drum in a matter of a couple hours. They were not huge but if you have ever caught a Puppy Drum before you know that they don't have to be huge for you to have a good time. They were great looking fish with unbelievable spots and blue tails. We had never seen anything like it.

Black Drum and Puppy Drum! I caught the first Black Drum of my life on a nice chunk of Sea Clam. That is one great fighting fish. I can't wait to catch one of his giant cousins and really go for a ride. Along with all this great Drum action we also caught a handful of Flounder (only one keeper) and some Horse Croakers. It was one of the better fishing days I have had in a while visiting Va. Beach. I guess it goes to show you that you don't always have to travel far to catch a good variety of quality fish. So next time the weather isn't so good and you are thinking of just staying in and watching the tube maybe you should think about sinking the boat and trying to fish a few of the bridges in your area?

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by Glenn "The FlukeMaster" Boothe

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