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  Flounder at the CBBT


FlukeMaster The staff of hasn't been out on the water much this year for Flounder, and we decided it was high time to devote a little time fishing for our namesake. We went out to Cape Henry on Saturday but the wind and tide were not cooperating and we found it difficult to drift without a lot of weight. We caught a couple small Flounder and decided to go into the inlet (Lynnhaven) and catch some bait for the following day. We caught a couple of dozen various baitfish (Spot, Pinfish, and Croaker) and headed back to the barn to clean the boat and get ready for Sunday. We ended up getting a late start and left the dock around 11:00 o'clock aboard The Termite, a 24' Wellcraft center console.

FlukeTamer We considered going to Cape Henry again but the lackluster performance from the previous day had left a bad taste in our mouths. We decided to try around the First and Second Island of the CBBT. We started off on the southern side of the First Island and bumped the boat when needed to drift just in front of the pilons. If you look at the picture on the right you can see that we were fishing very close to the bridge. We were using the live baits that we had caught the day before in the Inlet. Even though there was no tide to speak of we were doing ok putting 3 nice Flounder in the box. The FlukeTamer caught the Flounder in this picture on a 6" live croaker if you can believe it! We even caught a small Striped Bass on a live Finger Mullet. We proceeded to catch about 6 Oyster Toads and decided it was time to move along.

FlukeMaster We moved to the North side of the Second Island and were pleased to see that there were very few boats in the area. We were still waiting for the tide to do something so we had to "bump" the boat along again just to get a drift. This is always a hassle for the man handling the boat and I would like to thank the FlukeTamer for taking care of all of our boat handling. We floated around there for about another hour or so and proceeded to put some more Flounder in the box and we only caught one toad so it was an improvement over our spot at the First.

FlukeTamer It was good to get out after the elusive Flukester on the trip. We didn't catch any monsters but we will keep trying of course. All together we put 6 Flounder in the box, the biggest one being 23", released two undersize Flounder to catch another day, released a 4 - 5 lb. Striper that we will try to catch again later in the spring, and released what seemed like dozens of Oyster Toads. I would say that makes for a great day out on the water. Next week we have a Tuna Trip scheduled so stayed tuned for updates. As always we want to hear about your fishing adventures and put your pictures in our gallery. If you are interested contact The FlukeTamer. This is the FlukeMaster signing off and wishing you the best of luck on your next fishing trip.

We would like to thank Garland Smith for the use of The Termite on our fishing expeditions.

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by Glenn "The FlukeMaster" Boothe

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